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Luke and ElizabethThe Luke Blu Guthrie Band is a two time VIMA nominated, rhythm and blues duo that electrifies the stage with its alternative roots beat. The duo, consisting of Luke Blu Guthrie and Elizabeth Penney, can be counted on for a powerful, deeply soulful performance that vibrates the stage with poignant melodies that include slide guitar, masterful finger picking, strong vocals, and upbeat bass lines.

Luke Blu Guthrie is a growing presence on Canadian radio with three independently released live albums. The most recent album, Oil and Water, saw the band’s fan base explode in 2012, with tours through several Canadian provinces and standout performances at a number of B.C festivals.

Armed with acoustic & electric guitars, assorted foot percussion and plenty of rhythmic slaps and yowls, Guthrie has been an integral part of the Vancouver Island music scene for over a decade. He is widely respected for his versatility and skill as a songwriter, vocalist and guitar player. His songs echo the holler and blues of his southern slave descendants with themes that explore a variety of timeless issues influenced by his own experience searching for meaning in his rural roots. From the dark underbelly of human nature to the joy, mystery and confusion of love and loss, Guthrie’s lyrics are poetic and poignant.

Elizabeth Penney joined the band in 2011. An accomplished, vivacious bassist with explosive, heart pounding rhythms, she incorporates elements of dance, funk, blues and country into the act. She has over twenty years of performance experience, and is just as comfortable in a small town venue as she is sharing the stage internationally with some of Hong Kong’s top recording artists. Like Guthrie, her upbeat, down-to-earth spirit permeates her musical and stylistic contributions.

Luke Blu Guthrie  has performed with many talented musicians, including Eric Bibb, Anela Kahiamoe, Jim Byrnes, and as the opening act for Daniel Wesley, Mother Mother, Jon & Roy and Eliot Brood. From festival stages to school workshops, the band’s strong sense of community is evident in its commitment to take part in initiatives involving music lovers of all ages.